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Neha Vedi



Being a house wife I am conscious about my health and Diet a lot. I have a kid two kids and after the second child my weight was increased a lot which made me worried. I wanted to join a programme which could take care of my health issues and weight and that is why when I heard about Dr. Ritika Dua’s Nutri Health. I thought that this would be right place for me. I was introduced to healthy and correct eating rather than dieting. The biggest plus point was that I got to know about my own body and metabolism which I had always taken for granted. Now I understand my body better and I have realized that you don’t have to give up eating to loose weight but should have a balanced and right Diet. Right now I feel much better because now I can wear western dresses without any restrictions. The best compliment which I got was from my daughter that Mummy aap Smart Ho Gaye. After listening to that I really felt very nice.

Neha Vedi

House Wife

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